Collaborating to beat cancer

Next weekend, a bunch of fifty digital do-gooders will be gathering at the Science Museum, and collaborating to beat cancer. There will be web developers, citizen scientists, Facebook developers, mobile developers, cancer scientists, anthropologists, game developers, digital UI/UE designers, animators, producers, strategists, communicators, gaming and social web experts…

And I’m so, so, SO excited that I’ll be one of them.

We’ll be working together to develop a simple but addictive game that could unlock research bottlenecks, tackle meaningful research challenges and enable hundreds of thousands of supporters in the UK to help beat cancer.

Our challenge is to spend 48 hours creating an amazing app that will ‘analyse real data, from real cancer patients, leading to real results and real breakthroughs in the development of personalised medicine.’ Organised by the clever people at Good for Nothing, Cancer Research UK and the Citizen Science Alliance, the idea is that ‘By analysing data faster, we can get knowledge to doctors faster, and they in turn can treat people more successfully. Put simply, playing this game really could save lives.’

For more details, check out Good for Nothing, the social mission that ‘brings smart folk together to do some good for nothing’.

This is digital at its very best. I’ll be there for Caitlyn.

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