Written and Directed by Luke Redmond

Nevermore is a two-act play with a cast of six. It was produced by RedCard Theatre in London, 2005.

Nevermore is about human avarice and in particular male jealousy. It is written in a classical style and its source text and primary inspiration is ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe.

The play takes place in the study of Sebastian Falls, an author and a troubled one at that. He shares the stage on a permanent basis with Greene, a personification of his own bitter jealousy. It is a love story from the perspective of a man who never obtained the object of his desire, his Ellanore.

‘I guess the grass is always greener Seb.’

The play is moody and dark but has moments of humour and an ultimately uplifting finale. It is a classic tragedy and the key emotion is melancholy. The play and setting are a direct metaphor for Sebastian’s mind, his cell, his own self-constructed prison. The play features a real sense of individual manifest destiny and the Mayan concept of Baktun, which means great change.

‘Gripping throughout, this play has everything – excellent acting, a very good script, good pacing, an atmosphere of intrigue and poetry.’ GUARDIAN