Written by James Card and Luke Redmond
Directed by Luke Redmond

Pawn is primarily a celebration of living. It deals with questions we may all ask ourselves but will never have the means to truly answer. Invoking thought and debate, the play is firmly grounded in abstract existentialism.

A woman arrives at a hotel and is greeted by a gentle and humble bell-boy. It quickly becomes evident that it is not a normal place to stay and rest, and the bell-boy Gabe hardly your average porter. Will Adele stay there or will she leave? Most importantly, where the hell is she?

‘Have the courage to live. Anyone can die.’

The style of the play is interesting because it is the product of two writers, Luke Redmond and James Card. It is deliberately short, perhaps frustratingly so, drawing comparisons with life itself.

Pawn is a one-act play with a cast of four. It premiered at the Man in the Moon Theatre, Chelsea, London in November 1999. Following seventeen successful performances RedCard Theatre travelled to C Venue in Edinburgh for a further eight shows in August 2000.

‘This play drew an impressive house – and deservedly so … This debut production from RedCard Theatre is an intriguing, absorbing experience.’ THE STAGE