That’s Charlotte
Written by Luke Redmond

That’s Charlotte is a modern farce, complete with unlikely coincidence and comic twists.

Taking its primary inspiration from Shakespeare’s underrated classic Measure for Measure, the play delights in the pretence that the audience is one step ahead of the action, when in fact they are always one step behind.

Daniel and Sol, brothers and philanthropic paupers, have only two days left to find £42,000 and save their local family centre. After a night of drunkenness and epiphanies they become swept up in the desperate plight of Charlotte, a charming stranger who is about to lose everything in a poker game. Sure enough Rachel, Daniel’s egotistic ex-girlfriend, storms in deciding she wants him back. Too bad it’s all happening on the day Daniel has decided to change for good, the day he’s decided to start putting his own interests before others…

SOL:  Okay, how much do you want to bet that you could be a bastard? I mean a genuine bastard.

DANIEL:   A quid?

SOL:   As much as that? So you’re pretty confident then?

Much more than just a comedy, this is a cleverly crafted play about the true nature of philanthropy, taking inspiration from Rudyard Kipling’s seminal poem ‘If’. Please get in touch if you’re interested to read the script.